GUNDO-SO: the chamber of confidentiality. A community-based projectdealing with the issue of disclosing one’s HIV statusamong women living with HIV in Mali

This brochure is a presentation of the Gundo-So project: its implementation, its adjustment and capitalisation processes.

The word capitalisation has several different meanings depending on the context. The definition which probably fits best is the one by Pierre de Zutter (1994) which states that capitalisation is “the shift from experience to shared knowledge”.

The main objective is to see what lessons can be learned, identify best practices and draw full benefit from them. Therefore it is a procurement, collection, organization and analytical
process of collecting the know-how utilised during the project.

Capitalising on experience is therefore essential if we want to improve the quality, efficacy, efficiency, sustainability and relevance of the tasks carried out by the organisations. Using this procedure, practices can be improved on and eventually be extended to and incorporated by others. This procedure also allows for critical thinking in order to avoid repeating the same things or making the same mistakes twice.

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